Frequently Asked Questions

Academy Hub’s head office is located in just north of Toronto; however, we do not have a school here. We operate programs for Juniors in small cities and towns of 20,000 plus population, primarily in Southern Ontario, including communities such as Aurora/Newmarket, Barrie, Burlington, Guelph, Maple, Markham, Oakville, Pickering, St. Catharines, Kitchener-Waterloo and Niagara. We also run programs in British Columbia, especially in communities in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, following the same philosophy as in Ontario, and occasionally in Alberta, near Calgary. As teenagers can only come to Canada during certain periods of the year, we do not operate a year-round language school, only year-round programs.

We receive students from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Japan and Iran.

Our teachers are required to have a Bachelor’s of Education demonstrating expertise in teaching Juniors. It is also helpful if they have experience teaching English as a second language or another second language.

Students are divided into different levels of proficiency according to their placement test. We offer programs for five levels: Beginner, Upper Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. At all levels, the activities selected in the class are designed to engage students in meaningful exchanges among themselves as well as with people in the English-speaking community.

The temperatures in Canada vary in the summer. The Toronto area and the surrounding cities and towns can be hot and humid with temperatures over 30 degrees some days. And Vancouver? In Vancouver and surrounding area, the summer is warm rather than hot, and the evenings are cool. Temperatures are around 25 degrees.

All Colleges are known for their comfortable private rooms: each student has a single room in a 2-bedroom suite, with 2 students sharing bathroom. Each student has TV and telephone in their bedroom.