Colleges and Universities in Canada

Top universities in Canada 

Canada is among the leading education destinations in the world. Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia are the provinces that usually attract international students, as some of the top universities in Canada are based there.

Canada offers the perfect opportunity for foreign students seeking to study at an elite university in a developed country. 26 Canadian universities are part of the QS World University Rankings, including four in the top 100. A further nine institutions are among the top 300, which puts Canada above many other leading education destinations.
The two top universities in Canada according to the rankings are the McGill University, ranked 32nd, and the University of Toronto, ranked 31st. Other universities international students can consider include the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta, and the McMaster University.

Higher Education in Canada

 The average span of an undergraduate program in Canada is three to four years. The duration can vary depending on the university you select. A postgraduate program spans up to three years, depending primarily on the course you undertake.

Canada offers you a wide range of universities, community colleges, and schools to select from. You can choose an institution based on the qualification you are seeking, such as a university for a postgraduate program.

The Canadian higher education system is slightly unique because the provincial governments manage the institutions. The term time and duration of programs may vary from province to province. Conduct adequate research beforehand so you can have a clear idea of how long a program will take to complete. 

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